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A word about Sex Work and Feedbacks on NiteFlirt

Oct 28, 2022

Hello, Cucks, Sissies, Betas, Losers, Sph lovers and masturbators! 

Sex work and NiteFlirt Feedback

Loser Sansmen NiteFlirtAs a woman of distinction and standards, I am not the kind of phone sex provider who accommodates just any o’l dummy who calls me.  Your $5 dollars isn’t that important to me.  I will not tolerate stupidity, rudeness, male egos nor robotic script reading ‘same ol story’ guys who’ve told their stupid crap to phone sex operators, for years.  I must be able to connect with you and to use my own good mind to do my job.  If you have a droning disposition and have no inflection in your speech, you are a drone.  Mindless and lifeless.

This week was one such instance. I understand some people have autism and have social inadequacies.  In fact, if you are on the autism spectrum YOU should tell us. I can work with autism, I cannot with work with dummies.

But here’s the thing!  SEX WORK IS HARD! Pun intended! 


When someone reads my listing there should be no mistake about *that.  What the means for my callers is to understand that I am NOT going to pander to your little prick’s needs nor your fragile little male ego.  Make no mistake, I LOVE MY CUSTOMERS!  Most of you are articulate, fun, creative, and smart as hell!  I love that about you!  But if I am speaking and you interrupt me, you are breaking the rules of female superiority.  Plus, it’s just rude.

I was having the beginning of an asthma attack this week and the droning lil creep just wouldn’t listen to me when I tried to tell him I was looking for an inhaler.  Instead, he interrupted, and I had to hang up on him.  I shouldn’t have answered the phone when I knew things were going south for me, but all I needed was a puff and I’d be fine.

I got myself together and emailed him to explain.  I live at over 7000 ft above sea level and the thinning air of autumn was affecting me, I also suggested he call me back and not drone on…and to listen when Mistress speaks.  Otherwise, he could have stayed on the line and repeated his droning monologue of statements that I could pretend to give a shit about. LOL


Just as in life, personalities often clash.  There is no difference between real life casual conversations that go wrong and phone sex calls.  Personalities often clash with no provocation.  We are all different.  If I just ‘put up and shut up’ on the phone with doofus’ then I am not truly a DOMINANT MISTRESS, I would be a fake.  I am not.  I have NEVER just put up and shut up!  Ask me about hitting a Priest.

Harassing a woman who offers sex work and attempting to harm her ability to pay her bills is just a bullying tactic performed by weak and fake sub males.  There are times when it is a valuable service to other potential customers however and you should take the time to calm down and write a legitimate non-emotional and complete review.

Examples below.

Unless a woman on NiteFlirt does a few things which I personally believe should receive bad feedbacks, keep in mind, when you give a sex worker bad feedback because she’s DOMINANT and tells you that you need to step up your game; you prove her point.  And that makes you a fake submissive!

Here are the reasons to give someone less than stellar feedback:

  1. If she asked you to go off site to another service immediately and asked for payment off site.
  2. If she started talking about a subject matter that you didn’t ask for. eg: you wanted to be ‘controlled or dominated or submissive and she started talking about you fucking her like a GFE.
  3. If she was rude and called you names such as asshole, loser etc…BEFORE you even told her what you wanted. (but you should read the listing fully to see if she specialized in harsh humiliation)
  4. If her phone sounded like she was on the moon!  Then, mention that, don’t downgrade the flirt.
  5. If she demanded tributes at the beginning of your call and said she wouldn’t give you a service without them.
  6. If she advertises cam services and you CALL A CAM LINE and she says she’ not available for cam.
  7. If she put another person on the phone when you didn’t ask for that, such as a man.
  8. If her accent is so strong that you cannot understand her, and she did not advertise her first language is not English.
  9. She has music/TV playing in background and wouldn’t reduce the noise, etc…



When you leave disgusting abusive feedbacks on a flirt’s listing because after your call, she blocked you or you just didn’t get along, OTHER FLIRT’S SEE IT AND WILL PRE-BLOCK YOU.  Nothing makes you look more like a pathetic powerless prick than bullying women in sex work.

Then, the next time you go to click on the hottie you wanted to talk to and you find yourself blocked, it’s because you took the time to write something abusive that was better left unsaid.

Leaving constructive feedback is wise, leaving great feedback is great, otherwise, just leg it go.