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NiteFlirt Financial Domination


This morning, January 28, 2023 I had the oddest exchange with a FinDom Sub.

I just had to use my pulpit to inform him and the rest of you who like Financial Domination what it’s like on MY end.

FINANCIAL DOMINATION comes in as many forms as any other FETISH!

I am not new to the fetish or using men for money.  As many of you who have called me know, I’ve had many sugar daddies in my life starting from age 19 until 2017.  No, I’m not going to mention my current age. LOL  Sugar Daddies come and go on NiteFlirt.  But when they come along it’s exciting for us both!

I get spoiled by someone who reaches out via email or chat and then most eventually call me.  There have been one or two who I’ve only spoken with once because he prefers to chat and or the wife is stuck at his retired asses side.  That’s just fine with me!  Chat with tributes works for me and my bank account.

I’ve spent 8 hours a day chatting with one and he continued to spoil me throughout. 


From my perspective, a Sugar Daddy approaches with money first.  No bullshit pretense and no games.  He shows me who he is right out of the gate.  He spends and he doesn’t ask for much in return but some fun flirting or getting to know each other.  He ‘talks’ about things, he doesn’t use fetish terminology and it’s CLEAR he is different.  But, most of all, they set themselves apart by using their minds and their mouths by explaining himself.

FINDOM SUBS come in all forms and it’s sometimes a challenge to get inside of their heads.  It’s my pleasure to discover your hot buttons and push them.  Normally, when a financial domination submissive comes my way, he wants to take his money.  He will tell me what he wants or need.

But, here’s where this mornings exchange confused me.

I get a chat with an Gift Card code for $100.  I’ve never spoken with this person.

He doesn’t say anything except sends the code.  I redeem it, then I write back and say thank you.  Then, he sends more but in tributes.  I ask if he’s enjoying it?  His reply?  Yes, and maybe he types 5 more words in his text.  He sends more!  Great!

Then, I ask if his pants are down because most FinDom Subs are getting excited.  I explain in a short text that, I understand how he feels, the excitement and the rush!  He says, yes!  In short, this is the totality of our conversation!  Eventually, soon thereafter, he comes I assume since we are chatting-and he thanks me and takes off!  This total exchange was less than 20 minutes and less than 15 text exchanges.  (Hardly enough for me to get to know him)

Before he goes he says, I look forward to next time.  OK, me too! Bye.  That was a rinsing!



I’ve never spoken to this person, and in his ONE TEXT EXCHANGE he never said anything, but answered my simple questions.  Today, he tells me “we aren’t a good fit” after sending me another $100 gift card.  HUH?  99% of financial subs love the humiliation of losing that much money in a short exchange.  Most findom subs enjoy seeing a successful FinDom Mistress-and I like to show others that I’m not just a girl who threw up a Financial Domination Listing on NiteFlirt because I’m broke!  I’m not.

So he shoots himself in the leg by expecting something of me that he, 1. Didn’t do his due diligence and thoroughly read my listings and 2. didn’t tell me anything about himself in the first place.

How would I know what a good fit is with this guy without EVER having spoken to him?  Why would I know anything about him except that he likes to send hundreds of dollars to a woman advertising FINDOM ON AN ADULT SITE?  Most gents who do that enjoy a bit of ‘outing’ and humiliation.  I advertise my conquests on my listings as he would have seen if he’d actually READ MY LISTING.

In my 6 years as FinDom Mistress, I’ve had 2 guys tell me ‘please don’t call me loser or humiliate me”.  I didn’t after I was asked not to.  So, is this guy that hard on all the women in his life?  Does he expect females to read his mind, know him from minimal communication or does he think the term FINANCIAL DOMINATION IS A FALLACY?  The word DOMINATION  is in the title! LOL

I am in business.  I provide marketing materials, tag lines, sales pitches and I advertise my business. 

IF YOU COME TO MISTRESS FOR FINDOM, EXPECT THAT I ASSUME YOU ARE PART OF THE %99 PERCENTILE THAT ENJOYS THE HUMILIATION.  If you are not.  Set yourself apart by using the words your 1st grade teacher taught you little boy.  Speak!

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