Financial Domination

Why Financial Domination? (NiteFlirt Mistress C)

I know what you’re thinking.  All phone sex operators on NiteFlirt or women in general can/would do Financial Domination if a FinDom Sub presents himself/herself.  Why not?


Financial Domination Candace Cuckolding Phone SexWHY FINANCIAL DOMINATION?

FinDom: It’s just like any other fetish. FinDom is the act of losing oneself in the moment or having a burning need to suffer momentarily.  It akin to BDSM. Having a smart strong sexy woman pegging you, even if on the phone gives you a sense of “loss of control” and leaves you feeling used, spent and beta-like.  It’s no different for men with a financial domination fetish.

The act of masturbating or humiliating yourself while you give something so important as money leaves the FinDom Sub feeling the same way!  Spent, used and taken!  Taken to the cleaners!  Sometimes, you think of a strong sexy woman denying you sex but expecting you to pay for dinner/clothing/shoes/entertainment.

For some, it’s a consensual blackmail fetish.  One of my Sissies enjoys his feminization and his alter ego Tara being found out.  It’s not a real risk as I would never truly hurt someone’s ability to make a living, plus without an income how can I continue to take her money? LOL

Here she is! In all her glory!

For each of you has a special interest…hers is to be the prettiest lil lady she can be!  She get regular laser hair treatments to make herself so smooth.  She has special Sissy Piercings, can you guess where?

She even loves to be humiliated even though when dressed as Tara she’s really pretty!

For Mistress, it’s the ability to give you what you want.  YOU WANT ME TO TAKE YOUR MONEY!

FinDom Mistress NiteFlirt Takes your Cash
Rinsing You!